Womenpreneurs, Expand Your Brand Wisely

By nature, entrepreneurs are idea generators. Typically, entrepreneurial minded people have more than one idea that they’d like to turn into a business venture. We call them serial entrepreneurs.

Are you a serial entrepreneur? The important thing to remember, is to take one step at a time and remain focused. If you are pulled in different directions your business will not be successful. Have a plan, and once you feel that one business is stable, then you can think about moving on to your next venture… it’s not going anywhere! Be patient.

Speaking of serial entrepreneurs, this week’s FLORIDA TODAY EDGE column comes from Carol Craig. Carol is a founding sponsor of the weVENTURE IGNITE Mentoring Program, a weVENTURE Board member, member of the weVENTURE League of Extraordinary Women and CEO of Craig Technologies, GCC Innovative Technologies and ProDash. This week, Carol discusses her path as a serial entrepreneur and what she learned along the way. Read more HERE.

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