7th – 12th Graders Invited to Dream Builders Summer Camps

– Florida Tech offers two summer civil engineering and construction management programs this summer-one for middle- and one for high-school students on the
Melbourne campus. Florida Tech’s Department of Civil Engineering and the Construction Industry Advisory Board developed
the weeklong experiences.

The 10th – 12th grade program runs July 24-28 all day, each day. It includes field trips, design and construction projects, laboratory testing, and
computer projects using Microsoft Project, AutoCAD, and West Point Bridge Design software. Field trips will take students to residential or commercial
construction projects. Students may attend this program as day students or they may reside in the residence halls.

The 7th – 9th grade program runs July 17-21, half days. It offers “hands-on” workshops that are designed to introduce students to civil engineering and
construction industry fields. Workshops include designing and building a catapult, a boat, a concrete bowling ball, and using software to design and test a
bridge. Content also includes construction material properties and testing for their tensile and compressive strength.

For more information, contact the Camp Dream Builders Summer Program at (321) 674-8048 or at cnoyes@fit.edu.

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