Civil Engineering Researchers Receive $150,000 Contract

MELBOURNE, FLA. — The Florida Tech research team of Edward Kalajian, Ph.D., and Paul Cosentino, Ph.D., received a $150,000, 18-month research contract from
the Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT). These faculty members, with graduate student assistance, will develop methods to identify soil types where
contractors may encounter problems installing large-diameter concrete pilings.

Many FDOT contractors encounter rebounds of up to one-inch per hammer impact after driving pilings in soils that did not display any unusual geotechnical
properties. Larger diameter pilings are used to resist vertical and lateral forces from traffic as well as winds and waves. The researchers will develop
and evaluate solutions for contractors installing piling in these soils.

Kalajian and Cosentino have worked together on nearly $3 million in funded research in a variety of transportation areas. This project is expected to yield
significant cost reduction for the State of Florida due to time savings during construction, according to Cosentino.

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