Faculty, Alumni Papers Accepted at International Congress

MELBOURNE, FLA.—Florida Institute of Technology Department of Engineering Systems faculty and alumni had four scholarly papers accepted for publication and presentation at the 2010 World Congress in Computer Science, Computer Engineering and Applied Computing (WORLDCOMP ’10). The congress, which is recognized as a top-ranked conference by academic bodies such as Microsoft Academic Search, was held in Las Vegas, Nev., the week of July 12.

The papers, on software engineering topics, were: “Performance Evaluation of Personnel Assignments in Software Engineering,” by faculty members L. Daniel Otero and William Arrasmith, and alumnus Carlos E. Otero, an assistant professor at the University of Virginia; “Decision Framework for Capability Evaluation of Software Engineers Using Imprecise Parameters,” by the Oteros and newly hired faculty member Adrian Peter; and “A Multi-objective Model for Resource Assignments in Software Engineering,” by the Oteros and Grisselle Centeno of the University of South Florida; and “An Iterative Approach for Modeling Performance in Randomly Deployed Wireless Sensor Networks.” This was by the Oteros, computer engineering faculty member Ivica Kostanic and alumnus A. Quereshi, associate professor at the University of Virginia.

Systems engineering is a multidisciplinary field that assists in developing reliable systems and processes to meet technical, cost and schedule requirements. With today’s global competition, products and services must be developed with minimum defects and risks. In the design and development of a system, systems engineering integrates all involved functions by applying proven tools and techniques across life cycle phases.

The Florida Tech master’s degree program in systems engineering (MSSE) provides engineers and scientists the necessary skills and education to integrate all engineering and management functions involved in a project for its on-time and under-budget completion.

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