Florida Tech College of Engineering Offers New Ph.D. in Human-Centered Design

  Starting this fall, the Florida Institute of Technology College of Engineering and Human-Centered Design Institute will offer a new, multidisciplinary doctoral program, the Ph.D. in Human-Centered Design of Life-Critical Systems. The program is for students who wish to carry out advanced research, innovation and leadership in the academic world, industry or government. Students working toward the degree may choose one of three major concentrations: aerospace engineering, computer science or operations research.

The program is open to graduate students with a strong interest in people and who are ready to learn about applied human and social sciences. The program requires significant breadth and depth of understanding in engineering, mathematics and science; the mastery of several specialized subjects; and the creativity to extend the body of knowledge through significant original research.

A candidate should have completed a master’s degree in an engineering discipline, computer science, fundamental science or mathematics and demonstrate a strong interest in human and social science or the arts. Candidates from human and social sciences or the arts who have a strong background in engineering or design may also be eligible.

For more information, contact Guy Boy, university professor and director of the Florida Tech Human-Centered Design Institute at gboy@fit.edu. Visit: http://www.fit.edu/programs/grad/phd_humancentered_design.

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