Florida Tech Continuing Education, American Ceramic Society Partner To Offer Larry Hench Course in Bioceramics

MELBOURNE, FLA. — Florida Institute of Technology Continuing Education and the American Ceramic Society (ACerS) have partnered to offer a short course in bio-ceramics taught by Florida Tech scientist Larry Hench.

Created by Hench, the short course, “Bioceramics: Advances and Challenges for Affordable Healthcare,” will be available via on-demand streaming at www.fit.edu/biomedical-professional, and for purchase in DVD format at the ACerS website, www.ceramics.org, starting June 15.

Hench’s illustrious academic career includes the development of Bioglass® – the world’s first synthetic material capable of long-term bonding with living tissue – which has become an essential component of many orthopedic devices and medical procedures. He holds a prestigious membership in the National Academy of Engineering, something granted only to those who have made outstanding contributions to the engineering field.

Hench, an ACerS Fellow and Distinguished Life Member who helped make the partnership possible, has received numerous awards from national and international scientific organizations. He has published more than 800 research papers and 30 books, and currently holds 32 U.S. patents.

“This exciting partnership between The American Ceramic Society and Florida Institute of Technology brings together two outstanding entities focused on imparting knowledge and empowering people,” said Anthony J. Catanese, Florida Tech president and CEO. “We are united by our goals and by Dr. Hench, our renowned faculty member and tireless innovator. We are delighted the international reach and impact of ACerS will broaden the opportunities for learners here and around the world to experience Larry’s passion for and deep knowledge of bioceramics and look forward to future opportunities to deepen the relationship between ACerS and FIT.”

Hench’s short course is tailored to working professionals in the engineering and healthcare fields who have an interest in bioceramics. It will explore the ethical and technical challenges facing affordable healthcare in the 21st century with an emphasis on the evolution and clinical applications of bioactive ceramic materials. Topics covered include tissue bonding, regenerative medicine, state-of-the-art medical implants and long-term viability, along with socioeconomic implications and ethical considerations.

“To be able to share Larry Hench’s passion for and knowledge of bioceramics with the world—and to do it with Florida Tech—is a significant opportunity for ACerS,” said Mark Mecklenborg, ACerS director of publications and meetings.

Hench will also be offering other short courses and a certificate program through Continuing Education at Florida Tech. For more information on this and other programs, call (321) 674-8382 and choose Option 2, email pdpregistration@fit.edu or visit www.fit.edu/continuing-ed.


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