Florida Tech Faculty and Staff Earn Development Grants

MELBOURNE, FLA. — Seven Florida Tech faculty and staff members have been awarded Faculty Professional Development Grants of up to $2,500 each for hardware
and software purchases and student support. Each year, Florida Tech’s Academic Information Technology Committee (ACITC) grants program provides
opportunities for Florida Tech faculty to enrich their teaching and professional development through participation in technology-related projects and
travel. The 2008-2009 recipients are:

Pierre Larochelle, College of Engineering, Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, “A Novel Web-Based Tool to Facilitate 360 Degree Peer
Evaluation for Student Design Project Teams”

Rebecca Weber, Evans Library, “Laptops, Campus Networks, and Librarians”

Michael Grace, College of Science, Department of Biological Sciences, “Video Infrastructure for Training in Microscopy and Microanalysis”

Chelakara Subramanian, College of Engineering, Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, “Interactive Design of Supersonic Nozzle”

Cheryl Davis, Evans Library, “Creating Tutorials for 24/7 Library Research Instruction”

Sen Chiao, College of Engineering, Department of Marine and Environmental Systems, “Minimum Temperatures and Diurnal Temperature Ranges in the Melbourne

LuAnn Bean, College of Business, “An Integration of Modified Machinima Cases for the Accounting and Management Curriculum”

This year, ACITC received 15 proposals. Recipients were selected, primarily, based on the degree of integration of technology-based instructional
materials, project innovation, interdisciplinary collaboration and student participation. The awarded grants represent a diverse constituency across four
academic programs, Evans Library and University College.

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