Florida Tech Team Wins Hybrid Rocket Competitions

MELBOURNE, FLA. — A single Florida Institute of Technology team took first place against seven teams from the University of Central Florida (UCF) and
Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University (ERAU). The teams met to compete in two categories of a hybrid rocket contest this April.

The contest among the single Florida Tech team of seven undergraduates and the 50-plus team members from UCF and ERAU took place in Bunnel, Fla., at the
Northeast Florida Association of Rocketry’s (NEFAR) launch site. It was sponsored by the Florida Space Institute and NEFAR.
Florida Tech took first place in the “maximum altitude” category, winning $550. Project leaders were Miguel Rosas and Nghia Hoang. Florida Tech also took
first place in the “precision flight to 2,000 feet” category, earning the team $850. Project leaders were Adithya Nagesh and Esteban Contreras. The faculty
adviser was Greg Peebles, university safety officer.

Other Florida Tech team members were David Jarkey, Justin LaFontain, and Stephen Kwokchoon. All were engineering undergraduates. Their rockets and motors
were designed from scratch.

The prize money will go toward plaques and T-shirts for team members. Any remaining funds will support the next rocket competition.

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