Public Welcome to Florida Tech Lecture, Apple’s Siri: A Closer Look

MELBOURNE, FLA.—“Apple’s Siri: A Closer Look,” a Florida Institute of Technology Department of Computer Science Public Lecture, is free and open to all Jan. 18 , 7-8 p.m. in the auditorium of the F.W. Olin Engineering Building on the Florida Tech campus. This is part of a continuing series of talks that discuss how computing has changed the world.

This presentation will look at Siri software, the intelligent personal assistant and knowledge navigator that works as an application for Apple’s iOS. The software is an example of software that can accomplish remarkable, human-like tasks and make life easier.

Several speakers will talk briefly about different aspects of the Siri software. Florida Tech Associate Professor Philip Chan will introduce the Siri software and break down the different tasks it performs. Florida Tech Assistant Professor Marius Silahgi will address the task of speech recognition by computer. Florida Tech seniors Joseph Casamento and Chris Struttmann will talk about how a computer can comprehend and answer a question.

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