Allie Biagioni Named June MVP

Allie Biagioni, associate director of conference services, has been named Florida Tech’s Most Valuable Panther for June.

In announcing the award, the Office of Human Resources said:

“Allie Biagioni became a Panther in 2018. She is the associate director of conference services and has served in that position for almost four years. Until recently, she was a ‘department of one,’ managing all of the reservable space on campus. This includes student meetings, department events and large campus events. She strives to make events cohesive by coordinating with each of the internal service providers on campus.

Allie loves to learn the nuances of the internal service provider functions and can often be seen meeting with teams within internal event services to ensure events process efficiently from the planning stage through the actual event itself. She listens to her team and sets plans in motion to turn insights into actionable solutions.

Her colleagues note that Allie drops what she is doing to solve problems at a moment’s notice, and while she is not required to attend all events on campus, she often shows up to make sure everything is running smoothly. She also handles calls and emails from external clients who are interested in utilizing Florida Tech’s campus.

As the events industry is starting to reopen post-COVID, Allie is working to find ways to bring external business back to the campus. Allie and her team are in the process of updating policies and procedures to ensure Florida Tech can host a full load of summer camps next year.

Her dedication to the campus and the community make Allie our June MVP.”

The MVP program recognizes faculty and staff who embody the university’s standards for innovation as demonstrated by their excellence and quality of service. To nominate future MVPs, visit

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