Florida Tech Delegation Attends Wind Engineering Conference in Italy

Faculty members Jean-Paul Pinelli and Chelakara Subramanian and doctoral student Hadley Besing attended and presented several papers at the 16th International Conference on Wind Engineering in Florence, Italy, a quadrennial event considered the top gathering in wind engineering. 

The event drew more than 700 participants and featured 553 papers and 45 posters.

The Florida Tech delegation presented five papers:

  • Hadley Besing, Steve Lazarus, Chelakara Subramanian, Jean-Paul Pinelli, “Near surface wind measurements during the 2022 Atlantic hurricane season.”
  • Jian Zhang, Ali Lebbar, Soundarya Sridhar, Chelakara Subramanian, Jean-Paul Pinelli, Steve Lazarus, Jianing Wang, “A Field Study of Wind Pressure Loads on Building Components during Hurricanes Ian and Nicole.”
  • Zhuoxuan Wei, Jean-Paul Pinelli, Kurtis Gurley, Christian Bedwell, “Component-Based Estimation of Time Related Expenses from Hurricane Events.”
  • Christian Bedwell, Kurtis Gurley, Jean-Paul Pinelli, Roberto Silva de Abreu, Zhuoxuan Wei, “Accumulation of damage in a hurricane vulnerability model of Florida residential construction.”
  • Soundarya Sridhar, Jian Zhang, Jianing Wang, Ali Lebbar, Chelakara Subramanian, Jean-Paul Pinelli, Steve Lazarus, “Full-Scale Testing on Doors, Windows, Soffit, and Fascia using a Wireless Sensor Network System.”

Additionally, Besing was invited to expand her presentation into a full paper for a special issue of the Journal of Wind Engineering and Aerodynamics.

Research from Besing, who is pursuing her Ph.D. under the guidance of faculty member Steve Lazarus, and Zhang is sponsored by the National Windstorm Impact Reduction Program, a program of the National Institute of Standards and Technology. Wei’s work is sponsored by the NSF-supported Wind Hazard and Infrastructure Performance Center, and Bedwell’s work is sponsored by the Florida Office of Insurance Regulation.

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