Sankalchand Patel University President Visits Florida Tech

The president of India’s Sankalchand Patel University came to Florida Tech in mid-December as the two schools explore a possible academic partnership.

Sankalchand President Prakash Patel and the principal of the school’s Sankalchand Patel College of Engineering, Dharmesh Shah, toured campus and the area during a two-day visit.

They went to the Harris Student Design Center, the Digital Scholarship Lab at Evans Library and the esports center. They also visited the flightline at F.I.T. Aviation.

Sankalchand Patel University  is a private university in Gujarat city of Visnagar in northeast India. The university was established in 2016. In addition to the engineering college, it also includes schools of business management and computer studies, and colleges of science and commerce, pharmacy, nursing, dentistry and more.

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