Warren Pittorie Named September MVP

Warren Pittorie, an assistant professor in the College of Aeronautics, has been named Most Valuable Panther for September.

In announcing the award, the Office of Human Resources said:

“Dr. Pittorie’s relationship with Florida Tech started as a student, then as a flight instructor for FIT Aviation and now as an assistant professor in the College of Aeronautics. While at FIT Aviation, he took it upon himself to train in a variety of planes, including the Citabria. He made sure he was not only proficient in that aircraft, but took his training, knowledge and expertise to an unparalleled level with countless extra hours of consistent practice to ensure his students would be learning from the best and safest instructor. 

Most recently, he spearheaded the development and reintroduction of the tailwheel and aerobatic training, offering 141 students the opportunity to better their piloting skills. He wrote the syllabus, standardized both tailwheel and aerobatic instructors, advertised the program to students at the university and successfully ran a busy schedule checking out countless tailwheel, spin and aerobatic students. Dr. Pittorie does all this while also maintaining a full-time teaching schedule, working as a prominent member of the ATLAS Lab research team and participating in the Florida Tech Panama program where he travels to Panama City, Panama, twice a semester to teach in-person ground school.

Dr. Pittorie does not shy away from speaking with potential new students and encouraging them to consider Florida Tech for their education, and many students on campus today credit him with their choosing Florida Tech as their school.

Dr. Pittorie’s commitment to the flight school, the College of Aeronautics and the university as a whole makes him our Most Valuable Panther.”

The Most Valuable Panther Program recognizes employees who embody the university’s standards for innovation as demonstrated by their excellence and quality service.

Please consider nominating the next MVP. Include specific and concrete details in your nomination. How exactly does the nominee benefit the organizational unit, department or university? Providing specific examples, numbers, facts or anecdotes about the candidate’s contributions will clearly paint the picture of why the individual deserves to be recognized. 

Submit nominations HERE by the 20th at 5 p.m.

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