297 Parenthood Gender Gap

Based on research done Yavorksy, Jill. E., Kamp Dusch, Claire. M., & Schoppe-Sullivan, Sarah. J. (2015) written by Bethany Wellman, M.S.

How much time do fathers spend with their first child? Traditionally men and women experienced unequal responsibilities. Has parenthood division of labor changed among U.S. educated, dual-earner new parents?

Ohio State researchers surveyed a community sample of employed and educated couples becoming first time parents. Participants were asked to complete a time diary and surveys regarding their completed work during pregnancy and post childbirth on the division of labor in their home.

Both partners engaged in paid work over 40 hours/week- both before and after birth by self-estimates and time diaries. Pre- and post-birth, men spent about 3 hours more in paid work than women. On housework, couples reported equal time before the child, but afterwards men’s housework was 4 hours less than women’s. Additionally, child care averaged 22 hours for moms but only 14 hours for dads. This in-home work gap between couples wasn’t present before kids yet was notable after.

Quality child nurturing like reading to, massaging, soothing, talking to, playing, or expanding your babies’ minds and senses, had a two-hour gender gap. Dads! Your child needs quality nurturing to stimulate their brains and learn! Ensure equal parenting time!


Yavorksy, J. E., Kamp Dusch, C. M., & Schoppe-Sullivan, S. J. (2015). The Production of Inequality: The Gender Division of Labor Across the Transition to Parenth. Journal of Marriage and Family77, 662-679. 

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