317 Commitment & romance

Based on research by Weigel, Daniel. J., Davis, Bret. A., & Woodard, Kristy. C. (2014). written by Bethany Wellman, M.S.

Commitment in romantic relationships can be a great satisfaction and fulfillment. Yet, commitment can also bring conflict and potential loss. To study the impact of relationship commitment; Nevada social psychologists conducted four studies, each investigating over 200 individuals’ own words based on their commitment experiences.

Their studies revealed that people can see their romantic commitments in three major ways. Those with strong positive feelings of commitment feel fulfillment, affection, and longing. Those having negative feelings about commitment see barriers in their relationship and may experience doubt, jealousy, confusion and hurt. Finally, a third factor of commitment is constraint. Some feel obligated to maintain their relationship, thus may feel stuck, angry, and long for ways out.   They feel constrained and confined. However, those who feel more safe, secure, and content in having commitment constraints, are most romantically involved. They want commitment with constraint, and thus perceive more satisfaction and relationship quality.

Do you experience happiness and feel positive about your commitment constraints with your romantic partner? That must mean your relationship is thriving!


Weigel, D. J., Davis, B. A., & Woodard, K. C. (2014). A two-sided coin: Mapping perceptions of the pros and cons of relationship commitment. Journal of Social and Personal Relationships, 1-24.

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