325 Nature& Immune Boost!

Photo by Dorothy Joseph https://dorothyjoseph.com/

Researched by Kuo, Ming. (2015).

Written by Bethany Wellman, M.S.

How exactly does nature promote our health?

To identify the underlying causal mechanism, Dr. Ming Kuo reviewed approximately 80 cognitive science research studies examining the multiple ways in which contact with nature promotes health.

She found 21 connections between nature and health These included results indicating environmental sights and sounds provide deep relaxation, attention restoration, impulse control, and better sleep which is important to psychological and physical wellbeing. Additional psychological and physiological benefits from contract with nature include decreases in diabetes, depression, cardiovascular disease, as well as a boost in the body’s ability to fight infections. Being out in nature generates phytoncides and mycobacterium in the body which largely enhance immune system functioning. The research results show that the immune system, is one of the central links between nature and the nurturance of human health and wellbeing.

Let’s create healthy natural habitats near our living spaces with plants, moving water, soil, and trees to inspire awe, deep relaxation, and vital physical movement. By nurturing nature, we will nurture ourselves!


Kuo, M. (2015). How might contact with nature promote human health? Promising mechanisms and a possible central pathway. Frontiers in Psychology6, 1-8.

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