Acceptance Letters and College Decisions

Congratulations! You have received your acceptance letters and have entered the last stages of your high school career!

So, what do you do next?

Well, first, you have to go onto every social media site you are on and tell everyone you are friends with about your acceptance. And the next acceptance. And the one after that.

Now, you have a conundrum. You have all these great schools to pick from! How will you ever choose? Here are some tips to help you decide which dream school will become your new home:

  1. Extracurriculars
    Intramural sports? Check. Puppy club? Check. Scuba club? Nope. Not every school is going to have the same clubs and organizations. Check the school’s website to see what they have to offer. This also applies to the area around your school. Do you like to go to museums and go out on the weekends? Or would you rather climb mountains? Don’t go somewhere where you can’t enjoy your interests or create new ones.
  2. Location
    Remember when you applied to that school on the West Coast, not thinking that your East Coast self would get in? Or those schools in Ohio and Kentucky? Well, now you have to decide how far you want to go. You can’t fly home every holiday or drive home every weekend if you are ten hours away. But, you do get to cultivate a sense of independence. It’s up to you how far away (or close to home) you want to be.
  3. Financial Aid
    After you see the words “Congratulations!” your eyes look for the dollar sign that determines how much scholarship money you have been offered. For many people, financial aid is a large factor in determining where you go. There are some ways to alleviate the costs of tuition. Scholarships are a great way to lift the burden; you can find one-time scholarships and renewable scholarships. Check the schools’ financial aid website to see what other opportunities they offer. No matter where you go or your scholarship amount, there will be costs.
  4. Make Sure There are Backup Majors
    You applied to schools that have your major of choice, but what happens if the first day of pre-medical school, you pass out at the sight of blood? Or maybe you aren’t as business savvy as you thought you were. Does your school have majors that you can switch to? You should also check to see what minors are available. You can become specialized in a field without taking four more years of schooling or overloading your coursework.
  5. Pro/Con List
    Create a list to help you decide. You will see which colleges do not fit your dream school criteria and cross them off.

When you make your final decision, send your acceptance letter in! All that’s left to do is post your choice on social media and graduate!

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