Building Cross Cultural Competence and Future Global Leaders at Florida Tech

Cross Cultural Competence Workshop Leader Curtis Curry

Sixteen students at Florida Tech recently completed a session of Cross Cultural Competence (3C) training conducted by the Institute for Cross Cultural Management.  In addition, the staff of the Florida Tech International Students Services Office participated in the 2 day long workshop.  The workshop focused on understanding your own cultural perspective, as well as understanding the communications styles from those from other cultures.  The skills acquired in the workshop will help FIT students and staff avoid cultural misunderstandings which can get in the way of effective collaboration in international settings.

The 3C workshop is the first in a series designed to improve the Global Leadership skills of Florida Tech graduates.  “In our rapidly shrinking planet, individuals who have a high level of 3C command a clear competitive advantage in the global marketplace” says workshop leader Curtis Curry.  “Fortune 500 companies, global non-profits, military and government actively seek out culturally competent talent.”

Students at Florida Tech benefit from the same training that the Institute conducts for Fortune 500 executives. “Our program weaves real-world business experience, best cross-cultural work practices and evidence-based social science into a practical approach designed to help professionals operate more fluently across cultural boundaries” says Curry.  In addition students can capitalize on the incredible diversity of Florida Tech and learn new insights about distant cultures from their peers.

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