Center for Applied Criminal Case Analysis

By Carlos Salazar, M.S., Clinical Psychology

The Florida Institute of Technology is known for being on the forefront of scientific knowledge and research. This year, Florida Tech is home to a unique center that will allow it to become a nationally recognized resource in applied criminal justice research. The Center for Applied Criminal Case Analysis (CACCA) is directed by Marshall Jones, faculty member in the undergraduate psychology programs, with support from students and other faculty. The center endeavors to be an invaluable resource to criminal justice organizations including the FBI, state and local police departments. Through the use of applied research and analysis of available data, the CACCA manages to maintain a niche for itself in the process of applied research. The main goal of the center is providing a low-cost set of responses to field-driven inquiries from different criminal justice entities in order to better serve not only the criminal justice system but also the community at large. This goal results in a center where responses are generated much more quickly and with the intent to solve real-world problems. Made up of undergraduates, graduate students and alumni, the CACCA encompasses the spirit of academic collaboration where a true investment in the work involved is the driving force.

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