Conferences provide psychology students insight and opportunities

Conferences continue to play an important role for psychology majors as they provide an opportuntiy to connect, learn, share research and outcomes.
This year, psychology students were invited to speak in Brazil as part of the Sao Paulo School for Advanced Sciences Research and Treatment of Autistic Behavior. Students were also able to participate in a more interdisciplinary conference that tackled behavior analytic approaches to education and instruction.

Advances in Research and Treatment of Autistic Behavior Conference
by Laurence Hayes, M.Ed.

The Sao Paulo School for Advanced Sciences Research and Treatment of Autistic Behavior (ESPCA Autism) invited David Wilder, professor of psychology, Allison M. Betz, assistant professor of psychology and interim director of behavioral programming at The Scott Center for Autism Treatment, Andrew Morgan, behavior analyst at The Scott Center, and graduate students Yanerys Leon-Enriquez and Catherine Martinez to Sao Carlo, Brazil, to provide students, faculty, researchers, educators and other professionals who work with children with autism in Brazil an opportunity to learn more about the current research and practices in areas related to autism. The ultimate goal of the conference was to facilitate collaboration between those working in Brazil and other researchers and universities with programs that specialize in autism. From January 9–13, 2012, ESPCA Autism promoted the meeting of young scientists and recognized researchers who study autism in centers and universities of Brazil, United States, Canada, Norway and Spain, mainly in the areas of behavioral analysis, genetics and molecular medicine. They discussed issues related to identification, treatment and education. Dr. Betz presented the lecture “The Use of Stimulus Control Procedures to Manage Problem Behavior during Early Intervention Services with Children with Autism.” Dr. Wilder presented the lecture “Noncompliance and Oppositional Behavior in Children and Adults with Autism Spectrum Disorders.”

Behavior Analytic Approaches to Education and Instruction Conference.
by Scott Miller

The Behavior Analysis Student Association and the Society for Performance Management (BASA/SPM) is a student association made up primarily of master’s students in the behavior analysis program at Florida Institute of Technology. The association’s primary function is to host an annual conference. Every conference is a one-day single-track so a specific topic is selected and speakers are chosen who have made significant contributions either in research, practice or both to that topic.

This year the conference was on Feb. 10 and the theme was “Behavior Analytic Approaches to Education and Instruction.” Behavior analysts have contributed a substantial amount of research and practical models into many different education settings. Despite this, there has been little integration of the products of our science intoactual practice. In order to educate and help local area teachers and instructors, we recruited some of the country’s top practitioners who have successfully implemented behavior analysis into education at a multidimensional level.

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