Degree Program Spotlight: B.S. in Sustainability Studies

What is Florida Tech’s Bachelor of Science in Sustainability Studies?
Leveraging Florida Tech’s commitment to STEM education, our new bachelor’s of science in sustainability studies expands our interdisciplinary approach to education and research. Our B.S. in sustainability studies is focused on the business and social science coursework needed to meet the challenges faced in today’s global marketplace. The program emphasizes the integration of theory and applied practice and prepares student through programs that span four sustainability tracks: environmental science, business, engineering and technology and social sciences. Florida Tech’s B.S. in sustainability studies program provides practical solutions to some of the pressing environmental, economic and social issues our prospective students will face when entering the job market.

What is the Job Outlook for Sustainability Majors?
According to conclusions made from the Economic Policy Institute; greener industries grow faster, states with more developed sustainability policies fared better in the economic downturn, green jobs go far beyond renewable energy and manufacturing plays a strong role in the green economy. In fact, one of the largest studies on CEO opinions of sustainability (UN Global Compact Accenture, 2010) has indicated the need for sustainability professionals in the workforce.

  • 93% of CEOs believe that sustainability issues will be critical to the future success of their business
  • 91% of CEOs report that their company will employ new technologies to address sustainability issues over the next five years
  • 96% of CEOs believe that sustainability issues should be fully integrated into the strategy and operations of a company (72% in 2007)
  • 88% of CEOs believe they should be integrating sustainability throughout their supply chains

How is Florida Tech Being Sustainable?
Sustainable concepts are weaved into many of our majors as climate change and alternate energy continues to remain on the forefront of scientific research. Our professors and students have been advancing the collective knowledge of sustainable concepts through the study of rising sea levels, coral reef life-cycles, oxygen enriched combustion efficiencies, wing wave energy systems, fuel cell technology and so much more.  A culture of sustainability is not only fostered in student designed projects like the GECCO, which captures energy from ocean waves, but from student organizations like the Florida Tech Environmental Club and the student Organization for Sustainable Action (SOSA). The Student Organization for Sustainable Action is a group of students from various majors dedicated to the practice and implementation of sustainable best practices across the Florida Tech community.

The classroom discussion may be centered around sustainable concepts at times, but the classroom itself also embodies sustainable efficiencies. It’s a rare sight to see an unoccupied room with the lights on thanks to our many motion sensors. Same goes for water, not a drop is wasted in our restroom facilities thanks to the same energy efficient motion sensor technology. As the Florida Tech campus continues to grow, many new buildings leverage LEED design concepts at every level of construction. Many of our civil engineering students pursing their LEED certification get hands-on experience with the LEED certification process.  Our facilities department also does a stellar job of keeping our campus efficient and sustainable while making our single-stream recycling program easy and convenient for the entire campus. In fact, you’ll often see them zipping through campus on one of their solar powered golf carts. Their charging station even makes enough electricity that the campus earns power credit.

Sustainability concepts and solutions are as varied as the issues faced. At Florida Tech, the sky is the limit to what you can achieve as a sustainability studies major.

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