The Environmental Club Kicks Butts

To increase the amount of environmental activates on campus, the Environmental Club was founded in 2011 by freshman Ashley Philbeck and Zach Eichholz. The purpose of the club is to educate students, staff, and faculty about n environmental issues, to improve environmental practices on campus and in the community, and to sponsor environmental affairs and events. The first students to join the organization were friends of the founder; membership increased when the organization’s visibility increased at student events, such as Relay for Life, Keep Brevard Beautiful, and the Recycling Festival, as well as being featured in the Crimson.

The organization allows students to exchange ideas on ways to make a difference on campus by working with other organizations, as well as with faculty and staff. The students in the organization are interested in environmental issues, and it gives them an opportunity to incorporate it into their various majors and career fields.

The Environmental Club also strives to make students aware of issues that are relevant to the campus; for instance, they sponsored a project to collect cigarette butts in the Quad and gave prizes for the student who could guess how many “butts” were in the jar. This innovative experiment is an example of the Environmental Club’s way of getting the attention of students and showing them the impact they can have on campus life.


With the Environmental Club now active on campus, a multitude of environmental issues are being addressed while the club grows and thrives as an organization. The organization collaborates with other student organizations, such as the SOSA club, while inspiring environmental responsibilities on campus and in the community. The Environmental Club is committed to bringing awareness to students and if you are interested in joining the Environmental Club, check out their Facebook page, and remember: One Planet. One Chance.

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