Florida Tech Professor Receives $124,000 for Science Education Research

Dr. Ramon Lopez, Florida Tech professor of physics and space sciences, has received a $124,000 grant from the National
Science Foundation for a unique line of research in the area of cognitive science. This is the scientific study of the mind or of intelligence. He will
apply the approach to selected topics in earth and space science education.

Lopez will use the university’s interdisciplinary Whole Earth Course as a laboratory. He will investigate how students interpret visual representations,
explore the thought process involved and look at the specific difficulties students have in connecting the visual representation to the concept.

“We think our results will be a valuable contribution to the field of science education research and can improve geoscience education in the Whole Earth
Course,” said Lopez. Additionally, our work can provide information and research-based educational resources to other earth and space science educators
around the country.

Florida Tech offers bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral degrees in physics and space sciences. The university also offers a bachelor’s degree in

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