Florida Tech to Host Free Event: ‘Beneath the Waves’ Film Festival Oct. 10-11

MELBOURNE, FLA.—The Florida Institute of Technology department of biological sciences will host the internationally recognized Beneath the Waves Film Festival, Oct. 10-11, which will be coordinated by Philip Gravinese, doctoral student, and Lauren Toth, postdoctoral scholar. The festival will take place in the Gleason Performing Arts Center 6-9 p.m. both days and will be free to the Florida Tech community and the general public.

The festival aims to engage and excite the public about the importance and impacts of scientific research related to ocean and coastal communities. The organization is run entirely by graduate students studying for advanced degrees in marine science. All involved share the goal of promoting film as an engaging communication platform to educate general audiences about the importance of marine-related issues.

On Oct. 10, biological sciences program students will showcase posters of their research in the lobby prior to the screening of several films in the auditorium, including three by Florida Tech students. A panel discussion will follow, featuring Florida Tech scientists.

On Oct. 11, biology students will offer demonstrations and short activities pertaining to their research—geared to a younger audience. Following the pre-reception, attendees will view different films from the previous night. A panel discussion will again follow, which will include environmental educators from the community as well as Florida Tech researchers.

Oct. 11 will also be a showcase of film examples for K-12 students interested in entering the first-ever Youth Making Ripples film competition. K-12 students will be challenged to serve as a voice for protecting the oceans by creating their own marine science films of less than five minutes. The student films will debut Jan. 18 and the winner will be selected by viewer choice votes. Prizes will be awarded.

For more information about the film festival or to RSVP for seats, email beneaththewavesmelbourne@gmail.com or call (321) 345-6605. For more information about the Youth Making Ripples competition, send email to: youthmakingripples@gmail.com.




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