Florida Tech’s Daly-Engel Stars in New Shark Documentary

Episode Part of ‘Breakthrough’ Series on Curiosity Stream             

MELBOURNE, FLA. — Florida Tech shark biologist Toby Daly-Engel is spotlighted in a new episode of the Breakthrough documentary series now available on the streaming service Curiosity Stream.

“Shark Family Tree” explores Daly-Engel’s work using genetics to better understand great white sharks, the powerful and often misunderstood apex predators of the deep.

“Genetics is a really useful tool to help us look at great white shark behavior and habitat use in a different way,” she says in the program. “Traditionally, in order to study great whites, you have to catch them and attach a tag, and then you have to be able to follow them. With genetics, we don’t have to necessarily tag a shark. We can get a tiny sample as it’s passing by, and we can get enough information about that animal to compare it to other great white sharks all over the world.”

A preview of “Shark Family Tree” is available here.

The Breakthrough series takes an in-depth look at recent developments in the sciences, focusing on stories that have an impact on our understanding of the natural world and the universe at large.

It is one part of the deep lineup of more than 2,400 documentaries and other factual content exploring science, nature, history, technology, society and lifestyle available on Curiosity Stream, a streaming-video-on-demand service launched in 2015 by Discovery Communications founder John Hendricks.

Learn more at https://curiositystream.com/.


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