“Florida’s Floating Lab” Will Take Students Out to Sea

“Florida’s Floating Lab” Will Take Students Out to Sea  

The Florida Tech-sponsored W.T. Hogarth recently made its big debut at Port Canaveral for a unique open house. Florida Tech students, faculty, staff and the public were welcomed aboard the 78ft. research vessel and were able to get a small taste of what awaits Florida Tech researchers.

The Florida Institute of Oceanography’s (FIO) research vessel can accommodate up to four crew members and ten research scientists for expeditions around the world. As a member of the FIO consortium, Florida Tech students and professors are able to conduct research studies aboard the Hogarth.

Florida Tech students will have a unique opportunity to conduct research with the Hogarth’s acclaimed advanced technology that is designed to study oil spills, red tides and other environmental concerns.

Other anticipated missions for the new vessel include a variety of over-the-side operations including study of marine life, effects of pollution, water sampling, bioacoustics, sediment coring, fisheries research and more.

Here’s a sneak peak of what Florida Tech students have to look forward to.


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