Jachec Earns $495,000 Security-related Naval Research Grant


via Florida Tech Today

Steven Jachec, assistant professor of ocean engineering, received a grant of $495,000 over five years from the Office of Naval Research through the Department of Defense Multidisciplinary University Research Initiative. This funds his work on the multimillion-dollar Integrated Ocean Dynamics and Acoustics (IODA) project, which is led by Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution and involves other universities.

The IODA project is an integrated ocean fluid dynamics and acoustics study for defense and national security. It encompasses basic research related to the waves and eddies in the continental shelf areas of the world’s continents.

Jachec is responsible for performing high-resolution numerical modeling of the coastal ocean hydrodynamics.

See http://acoustics.whoi.edu/ioda for more information about the project.
“The overall goal is to improve the understanding and predictability of underwater acoustic propagation under the influence of a constantly changing ocean,” said Jachec.

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