Biological Oceanography Pacific Reef Aquarium

(Pictured: Biological Oceanography student cleans reef tank)

An Introduction 

In December 2007, Scott and Nan Pearson of Viera, Florida donated their 250-gallon reef tank to the Biological Oceanography Program in the Department of Marine and Environmental Systems at the Florida Institute of Technology.  The aquarium came complete with accessories and a diversity of fish and coral species.  Until the end of 2011, the aquarium resided in the Link Building on the Florida Tech campus, home of the Oceanography Program.  For 2012, it has been relocated to the lobby of the Panther Dining Hall, where it may be enjoyed by all on campus while the Link Building undergoes renovations.

The reef tank is maintained by undergraduate students who are part of the Biological Oceanography program at Florida Tech.  Their daily hard work keeps the animals healthy and ensures the tank remains presentable for public display.  It is estimated that an average of 8-12 person-hours each week are required to keep the reef tank clean and operational.  In logging these hours, the students not only feed the fish and clean the glass, but also conduct chemical tests of water quality, evaluate lighting levels, and administer specialty feedings for animals with specific food requirements.  They also become proficient in plumbing and technical issues relating to the equipment.  Please return to see featured reef animals and aspects of our Biological Oceanography Program.

Many thanks to the following additional donors who have also contributed supplies for the Biological Oceanography reef tank: CaribSea, Inc. and Ocean’s Blend.

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