Tilley Writes Book on Software Testing

MELBOURNE, FLA. — Florida Institute of Technology professor Scott Tilley has written a new book, “Hard Problems in Software Testing: Solutions Using Testing as a Service (TaaS).”

The book, co-authored with Brianna Floss of Lockheed Martin, summarizes the current hard problems in software testing as voiced by leading practitioners in the field. The book also provides an overview of the current state of Testing as a Service based on an exploration of existing commercial offerings and a survey of academic research.

Testing as a Service is a relatively new model of software testing that relies on cloud computing and service orientation to provide testing capabilities unavailable to many organizations on a pay-per-test basis.

The book includes a case study of a representative web application and three commercial TaaS tools to determine which hard problems in software testing are amenable to a TaaS solution.

As Tom Wissink, senior fellow and director of integration, test and evaluation for Lockheed Martin Corporate Engineering, writes in the book’s foreword, “Those of us that have done software testing know just how true it is to say, ‘The testing of software is a very challenging endeavor.'”

Tilley is director of computing education in the Department of Education and Interdisciplinary Studies in the College of Science at Florida Tech. Floss is a software developer at Lockheed Martin.

The book, published by Morgan & Claypool, is available at amazon.com and other major online and traditional retailers.


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