Tilley Writes Book on Testing iOS Apps

MELBOURNE, FLA. — Florida Institute of Technology professor Scott Tilley has written a new book, “Testing iOS Apps with HadoopUnit: Rapid Distributed GUI Testing.”

The book, co-authored with Krissada Dechokul, describes how to accelerate the graphical user interface testing process for iOS apps using HadoopUnit, a distributed test execution environment that leverages the parallelism inherent in the Hadoop platform.

Smartphone users have come to expect high-quality apps. Unfortunately, testing apps —particularly the GUI—can be very time-consuming. The longer it takes to run a test, the less frequently the test can be run, which in turn reduces software quality.

As Randy Rice, founder, principal consultant and vice president of research and development at Rice Consulting Services, Inc., writes in the book’s foreword, “Software quality has never been as important as it is today. Creating a mobile application is one thing. Testing it to ensure that it works correctly, is secure, and achieves high usability factors is another thing altogether. That’s why this book is important for mobile application developers and testers.”

Tilley is director of computing education in the Department of Education and Interdisciplinary Studies in the College of Science at Florida Tech. Dechokul is a web and software developer from Thailand who has a passion for Apple technology.

The book, published by Morgan & Claypool, is available at amazon.com and other major online and traditional retailers.


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