Florida Tech Faculty Among Top 2 Percent of Scientists Worldwide

List from Stanford University Based on Academic Citations

MELBOURNE, FLA. — Fourteen faculty members associated with Florida Tech have been named to the 2022 lists from Stanford University that compile the top 2 percent of scientists worldwide.

Inclusion on the list is based on standardized academic citations, co-authorships and, for the career-long list, related composite metrics that gauge impact over that time. Scientists from academia, the government sector such as the FDA, and private industry, including Facebook and Exxon, are featured.

Examining 22 scientific fields and 174 subfields, the Stanford report, first published in 2019 and updated annually since then, offers two lists of top scientists: one using career-long data updated to the end of 2021, and the other a single-year snapshot using citations received during the calendar year 2021.

The career-long database contains 195,605 scientists, and 200,409 scientists are included in the single recent year dataset. Among them are the 14 people from Florida Tech.


Single year:

Hench and Lakshmikantham have passed away. Grieves and Whittaker are no longer at Florida Tech.

“Students know first-hand the excellence of these and all of our faculty members, and we are proud of the recognition they rightfully receive,” said Marco Carvalho, Florida Tech’s executive vice president, provost and COO. “Our scientists and engineers tackle some of society’s biggest challenges, from feeding future Mars colonists to understanding how to protect our waterways, as Florida Tech continues to earn its deserved reputation as a premier research institution.”

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