Florida Tech Faculty named to 2023 ‘Best Scientists’ List from Research.com

Site Used Citations, Publications to Evaluate Nearly 167,000 Scholars

MELBOURNE, FLA. — Twelve current and former Florida Tech faculty members have been named Best Scientists in the 2023 rankings from research.com, a leading academic platform and research portal.

Using a measurement called the Discipline H-Index that calculates a score using publications and citation metrics for a specific discipline, as well as a wide range of data sources, research.com carefully evaluated nearly 167,000 scholars over more than two dozen areas on Google Scholar and Microsoft Academic Graph.

Here are the Florida Tech faculty cited in the new ranking, followed by their discipline:

Richard Aronson, ecology and evolution
Mark Bush, ecology and evolution
Philip K. Chan, computer science
Martin Glicksman (emeritus), engineering and technology
Larry Hench, materials science
V. Lakshmikantham, mathematics
Eric Perlman, astrophysics
Joshua Rokach (emeritus), chemistry
Steven Shaw, mechanical and aerospace engineering
John H. Trefry (emeritus), earth science
Robert van Woesik, ecology and evolution, environmental sciences
David Wilder, psychology (behavior analysis)

Hench and Lakshmikantham have passed away.

“Research.com really cares about the quality and visibility of research and our mission is to offer leading researchers better exposure of their achievements,” the site noted. “Our rankings of scientists are based on transparent procedures based on well-established metrics gathered from trusted sources of data.”

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