Florida Tech Ranked as Top Florida School by Intelligent.com

Multiple Programs Also in National Top 50, Education Planning Site Finds

MELBOURNE, FLA. — Florida Tech is among the top four universities in Florida and home to multiple degree programs that rank among the nation’s best, according to a range of new 2021 data from Intelligent.com, the Seattle-based resource for student higher education planning.

Editorially independent and declining to accept advertising, Intelligent.com uses aggregated, publicly available data and multiple criteria to determine its rankings.

For its ranking of top Florida colleges and universities, the site assessed 150 public and private Sunshine State institutions, evaluating them on the basis of flexibility, faculty, course strength, cost and reputation. That process produced an “Intelligent Score” from zero to 100.

Florida Tech earned a 98.06, good for No. 4 among the 49 schools that made the cut.

“Our top picks for the best Colleges in Florida program are affordable, respected, and flexible,” Intelligent.com noted. 

Beyond highlighting Florida Tech’s overall excellence, Intelligent.com ranked a series of individual programs that illustrated the university’s strength across its STEM curricula. Programs were evaluated on the basis of flexibility, faculty, course strength, cost and reputation.

Best master’s in database management: Assessing 203 universities and colleges and 290 programs, Intelligent.com rated Florida Tech’s program No. 14 out of 48, ahead of Harvard University, Stanford University, University of Florida and others.

“The demand for database administrators is expected to grow faster than the average rate of all other occupations as the adoption of cloud-based services and the need for companies to synthesize data and present it to stakeholders and board members is expected to continue,” the site reported.

Best master’s in biotechnology: Assessing 75 colleges and universities and 139 programs, the site ranked Florida Tech No. 16 out of 31 programs, ahead of Georgetown University, Harvard and Purdue University, among others.

“A master’s degree can position you for numerous careers in biotechnology, including agricultural engineer, biochemist, biomedical engineer, biotechnology technician, bioproduction operator and more,” the site said.

Best MBA in information technology: Assessing 210 universities and colleges and 351 programs, Intelligent.com rated Florida Tech’s program No. 23 out of 50, ahead of Georgia Tech, Boston University and Florida State University, among others. It also awarded the school a “Best Technical Focus” designation. 

“Computer and information technology jobs are expected to grow by 11 percent between 2019 and 2029,” the site said. “This growth should add over a half-million new jobs in the field by 2029.”

Best software engineering degree programs: Assessing 157 universities and colleges and 309 programs, the site rated Florida Tech’s program No. 25 out of 42, ahead of Rochester Institute of Technology and Stevens Institute of Technology, among others.

Intelligent.com noted that “316,000 more software developers are needed by 2029.”

For more information, visit www.intelligent.com.

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