David Force ’73, Embracing the Challenges of Life

For thirty- four years, David was one of the behind-the- scenes people in charge of the exhilarating shows at SeaWorld. He was involved with the development of training techniques for SeaWorld performances, animal/guest interactions, and scientific discoveries. Through his work directing the activities of trainers, curators, veterinarians, and biologists, he provided unparalleled contributions to our understanding of marine mammals and their ocean habitats. These contributions are still relevant today.

Force is now a principal at Constructive Behavioral Consulting where he advocates for the simple idea that building positive relationships is the foundation of success, regardless of professional setting.

Throughout his life, David has been a champion for the special needs community. He was part of the team that created Morgan’s Wonderland, an ultraaccessible family fun theme park. He also served as the executive director for San Antonio Youth Literacy and was a founding member of the board of directors for the PreK4SA education initiative.

“Going from plan A to B to C to D can not only be curious, but also enjoyable and very rewarding along the way,” Force said. “If we embrace the challenges and changes of life, then we can truly achieve much more than anticipated, not just in our careers, but in our personal relationships as well.”

David graduated from Florida Tech in 1973 with a bachelor of science degree in general biology.

Force was featured in Florida Tech’s 60th Anniversary special edition book, “60 for 60: Celebrating Sixty Years of Alumni at Florida Institute of Technology.” Copies are available for purchase here.

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