Announcement: New Course Offering in Computer Forensics

Beginning with 2010 summer semester Florida Institute of Technology will offer a graduate course in computer forensics. The course will be taught through distance learning by faculty member Marcus Borengasser who teaches in the Computer Information Systems graduate program. 

“This is the first time the department has presented this course,” says Rhoda Baggs, program chair and faculty member, computer information systems “This is a timely course and of high-interest considering the age of technology in which we live and work.”

Borengasser shares additional details, “Computer forensics involves obtaining and analyzing digital information for use as evidence in civil, criminal, or administrative cases. Typically, investigating computers includes collecting computer data securely, examining suspect data to determine details such as origin and content, presenting computer based information to courts, and applying laws to computer practice. Unlike data recovery, computer forensics is the task of recovering data that users have hidden or deleted, with the goal of ensuring that the recovered data is valid so that it can be used as evidence.”

The summer semester begins April 26th with registration beginning Monday, March 8.

To register or for more information or (321) 674-8391. Visit

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