Athletics: How I Spent My Summer

Florida Tech Student-Athletes Score Big in Summer Experiences

Carissa Thiel
Carissa Thiel

“I observed and recorded the behavior of great white sharks on a cage diving tourist boat in Mossel Bay, South Africa. These observations helped us inform the public about conservation and the importance of protecting sharks. In this picture, I caught a leopard shark and recorded its tag number and size to help biologists study shark growth patterns and migration.”

Carissa Thiel, Volleyball, Marine Biology[hr]



Liana Soileau
Liana Soileau

“I interned in the imaging and body composition department at Pennington Biomedical Research Center in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. I tested patients with ultrasound and worked with 3D imaging modalities and body composition measurement devices. I was also part of a clinical trial that involved testing and comparing imaging devices from different companies to determine how they could be improved.”

Liana Soileau, Women’s Swimming, Biomedical Engineering[hr]



Katie Reid
Katie Reid

“I interned with the market and solutions research group at Jeppesen, an aviation company, in Englewood, Colorado. I was involved in various projects, including those for Digital Aviation. One of the projects was an app that is for use in the cockpit of planes.”

Katie Reid, Women’s Lacrosse, Aviation Human Factors[hr]




Shelby Pearce
Shelby Pearce

“I interned at GE Transportation’s locomotive manufacturing plant in Fort Worth, Texas, as part of GE’s Early Identification Program. As an intern in the paint department, I learned about the entire paint process and how locomotives are built. For instance, one locomotive uses 75 gallons of paint!”

Shelby Pearce, Women’s Swimming, Mechanical Engineering[hr]



Chloe Chanley and John Bocinsky
Chloe Chanley & John Bocinsky

“I studied International Marketing and World Religions in Oxford. Since I am an international business major and hope to work abroad, I felt it was necessary to become familiar with the culture in a country other than the U.S. I believe this opportunity will be an excellent tool toward a successful future!”

Chloe Chanley, Women’s Tennis, International Business

“I studied Probability and Statistics and Civilization Two as part of Florida Tech’s Oxford Summer Study Aboard Program. I did some sightseeing before classes began—visited a teammate, Drake Hillman, in Cyprus, the holy places in Jerusalem and the Dead Sea.”

John Bocinsky, Men’s Soccer, Biomedical Engineering

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