Cool Florida Tech Campus Event: WFIT’s Market Day

After my Special Topics in Molecular Biology class last semester, my friend Kendrick appeared in the Olin Life Sciences Building. Kendrick greeted us holding massive a European pastry. We had no idea where the pastry had come from, but we gobbled it up anyway.

Not long after, my lab partner Amy and I were walking out to Crawford for our Physics class when we came upon this glorious sight. WFIT Radio was hosting a “Market Day” during an afternoon in November. There had to be at least 15 vendors selling everything from plants to cupcakes. I picked up a Christmas gift for my mom as I buy all my gifts ahead of time. Kendrick bought his girlfriend a beautiful purple orchid (pictured), and Amy bought a feverfew plant. My other friend Victoria bought herself two tree pendant necklaces for a great deal.

One vendor was selling home blown glass ornaments and jewelry. I found out they were considering doing glass blowing workshops this spring. My friends and I are interested in learning glass blowing, so this was really exciting! There was a lot of homemade jewelry made from all different media, and the vendors were all really interesting people. One vendor was selling handmade signs that reminded me of little shops you’d find in Key West. Another vendor was selling beautiful handmade silk dresses.

Just like on any college campus, the most popular vendors were those selling food. Kooky Sue’s was selling cookies and cupcakes. Another vendor was selling European pastries, like the one Kendrick brought us. There was even some hot lunch food there, including hotdogs.

I later found out that Market Day is a reoccuring event sponsored by WFIT, our radio station on our campus. I look forward to going to the next one, and I hope they continue throughout the spring semester!

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