Women’s Intuition is a Powerful Business Tool!

(Photo: Jeanne Whitman)

I think as women, so many of us use our female intuition – our “gut” – to make decisions in life – with relation to our children, relationships, etc. When it comes to running a business, there is something very powerful about that intuition that we all possess inherently.

Small business owners must weigh the pros and cons of decisions they make everyday – and sometimes those decisions can make or break the business they’ve worked so hard to achieve. We work with many female entrepreneurs that learn to balance instinct with logic and learned business savvy. In the end, there is a balance that must occur to make any sound business decision. For women, that means weighing not only market factors and the guidance of those around you, but also that “gut feeling” we’ve learned to know and trust over the course of our lives.

This week, IGNITE 360 graduate Jeanne Whitman wrote a great column in FLORIDA TODAY about the power of your gut and how that power became part of her business decision-making process. Feel free to check it out HERE and remember to keep listening to that intuition – it can be one of your most powerful business tools!

Posted by Reneé Couperthwaite, Women’s Business Center

The original article, written by Jeanne Whitman, appeared in FLORIDA TODAY on May 20, 2014– The Edge: Never underestimate power of intuition.

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