by Ashley

You never stop learning.
Mostly about people, the world and how life does or doesn’t work. Let’s break it down.

This can go two ways, either they never change, or they may surprise you. College is where you find this out on a large scale. You are now with people from not only from around the country but from all over the world. Certain people you can depend on non-stop or know them for a certain characteristic. I’ve been surprised by a couple of people during moments in my college career. I’ve had people who were never close to me before but they stayed an extra hour to help me with a last minute project, or vice-versa, someone who I thought would always be there for me, left.
(Keep in mind, when someone does something and it surprises you, it can also be because you never really knew them.)

Story Time
1- I lived in Columbia Village my freshman year. Next door was a guy named Timothy*. We were the typical neighbors. Borrowed milk, a bowl, maybe sometimes we needed to print something off each others computers, etc. I was in a rut with a friend and when he came in to borrow something he noticed I was upset. He sat down and told me, “I’ve never seen you like this and I’m not leaving till you’re okay.”

2- I was in a complicated rut with a boy. My best friend Katie stayed with me the whole night in my dorm room watching movies and making sure got everything I needed from my panda pillow-pet Steve to food. We didn’t talk about the situation, she was just there. Actually, I’m pretty sure she forced herself there and refused to leave. I don’t know if I told her its exactly what I needed at the time.

Remember if we all threw our problems in a pile and saw everyone else’s, we’d take ours back. Be kind to everyone you meet, and don’t be so quick to judge. Also, just have some common sense. My favorite quote “People change and so do intentions. As a result, consequences. Live for yourself and love those around you but realize they have their own agendas.”

Ever growing and changing place. The economy right now sucks. Let’s face it, the future isn’t too bright for us out there, so utilize your resources till you suck them dry. Get in contact with alumni from our school in your job field, join organizations that are fun and look good on your resume. You never know what to expect after graduation or while even in school. Keep your mind, options and dreams open, plentiful and pursued, respectfully.

Story Time
1- I’m a Marketing major but the clubs I join are on different ends of the interest spectrum. I meet all kinds of people and have fun.
2- I’ve changed my major, and boy did that wreak havoc back here in NYC. Yet I’m still pushing through a lot of negativity and can’t wait to get back to F.I.T.

The only things I have to say, life is alright if you let it be.

College is about experience and F.I.T. will give you such an experience if you want it to. Until the next post! Clickety-clack these links for cool-kid stuff!
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