Every Minute Counts

(215): I just had to take a 4 hour nap to write a one page paper. It’s obviously the week after winter break.
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Browsing through the internet (right before the SOPA protests) I stumbled across that gem and had to nod in agreement. Winter break brought new income for the bank account, many hours of sleep lost from the previous semester, and I caught up on my reality T.V. (Not because I wanted to; my TiVo apparently did.) Now it is a week into a new school semester and everyone has to get back into that time management flow. Every minute counts…

-Make a schedule for yourself. Include your classes, any extracurriculars, and any jobs that you many have. Then add time to study. After this second week you should know which classes will take an extra hour sessions of reading or focus.

-You don’t have the same classes every day. After one day, review your notes, then focus and get prepared on for the next day.

-Do everything in a timely fashion so you aren’t cramming late night sessions with your roommates, and a box of pizza.

Hey, it’s the New Year’s resolution you made but promptly forgot about at 12:01 a.m.

-Set some time to exercise. Whether e a quick walk from one side of campus to another, or a quick gym session, it’s good to get away from work and school and doing something healthy.  Not only does it get your mind off things but it’s a stress reliever.

-Should be included in your schoolwork schedule.
-Be realistic. You can do anything, not everything. You may want to join the “big seven”  organizations on campus, but will your double major in molecular biology and engineering and part-time job allow it? Join a few organizations that mean a lot to you. It will be more meaningful to you and look great on a resume.

Remember, each day comes with 86,400 seconds. Tick, tock

P.S. Don’t forget to call your parents. They miss you.
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