Faculty And Staff Kickball Tournament: October 12, 2017

Football may be just around the corner, but let’s face it – kickball is the sport of our childhood memories. Just the mention of it brings up feelings of warm nostalgia when everyone would gather together in the field for an impromptu game.

Get set to feel that way again – as Florida Tech hosts its very first faculty & staff kickball tournament.

kickballThe tournament is taking place as part of the university’s overall wellness program, aimed at encouraging a healthy environment for its employees.

Karen Hill, a benefits specialist with the university’s human resources department came up with the idea.

“FIT’s Wellness program is there to educate employees about health and wellbeing and also to provide fun activities to promote these ideas,” Hill said. “Kickball has that essence of childhood nostalgia, it’s easy to play and not much equipment is required.”

Those individuals who are registered with Rally will earn $20 in Rally gift cards for participating. There will be a maximum of 8 teams, consisting of 6-9 players each.

“We have a Wellness Committee meeting where we discuss ideas for activities. We have toyed with an intramural idea,” Hill said. “My mom is my inspiration for this.  She hates exercise, but loves playing tennis.  I think a lot of people are like my mom.”

The winning team will be awarded medals. Participants, who have FIT’s medical insurance and are registered with Rally, will receive $20 in gift certificates.

“This is meant as a fun activity to promote camaraderie with exercise and friendly competition,” Hill said. “This is our first Kickball Tournament.  If this turns out to be a success, we definitely would love it to be become an annual event.”

The public is invited to watch the tournament which will  take place September 21 from 5:30 to 9 p.m. in Southgate Field.

Bring along a picnic and a chair and root for your favorite team.

Employees can contact Human Resources to register and sign a waiver to participate in this event.

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