FIT Homecoming Brings Panthers Together

I just finished watching the Country Music Awards (CMAs) and yes, I LOVE country music! Even though I’m from New York City,  I don’t hate country music it,  I LOVE it. I listen to it all day, everyday. And watching the CMA’s I realized why I love it so much. Country music and just the whole country music world feels like one big family. Everyone helps each other out, knows each other and never take themselves too seriously.

And for the punchline, it’s the same feeling I get here in Florida. My friends are my family and I have a huge support system. Homecoming was just one event that everyone gets to see students from so many different backgrounds come together and support their college. We have 2,000 students here supporting one great family.

Homecoming had plenty of of games where we cheered on our fellow Panthers. We had plenty of barbecues and family picnics where we got to poke fun at each other and have simple, plain fun with people we actually want to be around with!

Here is the rundown of Homecoming Events for 2011.






Kickoff Carnival


Res Quad

Baseball Game


Fields by Harris


Talent Show/Lip Sync








Panther Plaza


Southgate Field

So much planning and fun went into attending and planning these events, especially from the sorority Campus Activities Board side of things.  Event planning for the next Homecoming starts right after the current homecoming, events need to be booked, and so do bands/acts. We want everyone to enjoy every event and be able to come out to every event, so its enjoyable for all! The Homecoming Committee talked and schemed all throughout the summer and when school started they had meetings every week. If you’d like to join the Homecoming Committee next year email Rodney Bowers at

Greek Life has to attend these events, but we don’t mind one bit. We get into friendly competitions, get to cheer and taunt the other teams. It’s fun to get out there and meet new people from other organizations as well. It’s a great way to show school spirit and to have a blasty blast. I hope everyone gets a chance to enjoy Homecoming and feel a part of it!

I can’t wait for next years Homecoming event (and the CMA’s, I love you Luke Bryan and Jake Owen)!

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