Turning a Flight Simulator into Simulation Station

“It feels real,” say aviation students when they’re seated in the cockpit of an FIT Aviation flight simulator. You might be in a twin-engine trainer with 180-degree wrap-around screen. Your eyes are on the horizon. Your hands are on the controls. The primary flight simulator display shows heading, altitude and airspeed. It’s all right there to take off, fly and land. What’s the weather like? Raining? Let’s change it from night to day. All clear on Runway 3? Coming in for a landing!

A simulator is a safe place to work on your pilot chops—just one tool to learn what you need to know—about flying and about safety. Two of the training devices, Seminole Level 5s, are state-of-the art—a $670,000 gift of the Emil Buehler Perpetual Trust in 2010. When you get your private license, you can pursue your instrument rating—an aircraft training device will help get you there. Fasten your seatbelts. This is some ride!


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