It’s All In Your Mind…

This is the generation of celebrating strong women. In all facets, from the entertainment industry to the boardroom, women are stepping up, taking charge and making a difference. To some of us that may be intimidating and make us doubt ourselves. When you see a woman who looks like she has it all together, it’s probable that she has encountered struggle and moments of uncertainty along the way. Mistakes and moments of doubt do not define us, but they do help shape who we become. It’s part of personal and professional growth to take those moments to turn within and ask, “What can I do to better myself? I am capable! I can do this!” This week’s FLORIDA TODAY guest author Tina Lange, owner of TNT Communications Group, graduate and mentor for the Women’s Business Center IGNITE 360 business mentoring program, discusses an entrpreneur’s story of surviving bumps in the road and coming out better than ever. Read more HERE.

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