The Hybrid Rocket Competition is a Blast!

It’s a blast for the Florida Tech student rocket society in the annual Hybrid Rocket Competition. The society’s high altitude team took first place in the 2014 competition, beating nine other universities. The precision altitude team took home second place in its category, too. Every year students take on solid rocket motor, liquid and hybrid rocket competition projects; they design, build and test, launching in remote locations, sometimes firing up their rocket motor on campus, demonstrating its power to the community. You’ll always find at least one rocket project every April in the Northrop Grumman Student Design Showcase, where students earn prizes for their projects and get them seen by aerospace industry visitors. Florida Tech has bragging rights as the first university to successfully launch a student-designed and built rocket from Cape Canaveral Air Station. Students also conduct rocket propellant research, testing their dynamics in space by flying with their experiments on ZeroG research aircraft.


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