Two Former Astronauts Join Florida Tech Faculty

– Two former astronauts, Capt. Winston Scott (US Navy, ret.), and Dr. Samuel T. Durrance, have joined the faculty of Florida Tech. Scott is an assistant
research professor in the School of Aeronautics and Durrance is a distinguished research professor in the Department of Physics and Space Sciences.

Executive director of the Florida Space Authority in Cape Canaveral, Scott is responsible for the statewide development of space-related industrial,
economic and educational initiatives. Selected to be an astronaut in 1992, he was a mission specialist on STS-72 Endeavor in 1996 and STS-87 Columbia in
1997. He has logged over 24 days in space, including three space walks.

Durrance, executive director of the Florida Space Research Institute, is also director of the Florida Space Grant Consortium and principal research
scientist at Johns Hopkins University, directing Ph.D. theses. He has spent 26 days in space with Space Shuttles Endeavor and Columbia, and was on the crew
of STS-67, the second flight of Astro, a series of Spacelab astronomy missions.

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