What Does My Schedule Say?

The first time you look at your schedule may be daunting. There is A LOT of information there! But do not worry, we’re here to help!

Week at a Glance

Week at a Glance Example

This feature on PAWS displays your schedule in real time. Your classes are organized by date and time in little icons. All your class information is available: class name and number, time and location. In addition, when you click on the icon, you are taken to a detailed version of your schedule. The first week of school, many students set Week at a Glance as their phone background or print it out because the schedule is so compact.

Here are some abbreviations you will find on your schedule:

  • A: Skurla Hall (Aerospace Building)
  • EC: Engineering Complex
  • G: Grissom Hall (located in the Residence Hall Quad)
  • LS: Life Sciences Building
  • P133: Classroom located on the front side of the Library next to the Academic Support Center
  • PS: Physical Science Building
  • Q: Academic Quad
  • 420 CRF: Crawford Tower
  • E  Link Building
  • PSY: Psychology Building

Find more cool stuff like this at Florida Tech’s Student Orientation page!

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