Advancing Your Leadership Skills with a DBA Degree

Become a thought leader in your field

There are a number of ways to become poised for leadership, but without the education to show that you have had leadership training, you may not be able to demonstrate your skills to potential employers in a recognizable form. Unfortunately, an MBA may not be sufficient to make your skills stand out from the crowd because of the growing number of MBA graduates.

Is a DBA Degree Worth It?

A doctor of business administration degree shows employers some things about your education that an MBA just can’t accomplish. First, it is a doctoral degree, which is the most advanced degree a student can earn. A sense of excellence pervades a DBA degree and shows that you will go to any length to prepare yourself to lead a company.

Furthermore, a DBA degree shows thought leadership, which many companies find extremely important in their leaders. Thought leadership happens when deep study within a field begins to produce new ideas about how things are done in that field. Thought leadership is how new ideas happen and turn into improvements and advances in the field.

Is a DBA degree worth it
Your ideas and input will be valued when you have a DBA degree that marks you as being a top leader in your field.

The Link Between Thought Leadership and Research

One thing a DBA degree will do is equip you to do research in your particular field, enabling you to not only learn about best practices, but also help to determine them. Solid research flows out of thought leadership and aims to discover new truths about doing business that can be used to improve companies’ process and bottom line.

Being able to contribute new ideas and information to your field will set you apart and make employers eager for your expertise at their companies. Companies want business leaders who can build successful C-suites with the ability to envision and chart new destinations that will move the company forward in the best possible direction.

Thought leadership does not come from focusing inward on a company or job, but by looking outward, deeply into the best information and experiences the field has to offer, then incorporating what you find into your job leading your company. A DBA degree can facilitate this process and lead to collaboration between you and other thought leaders that will make all of you better at what you do.

While there are certainly a few thought leaders who don’t need to collaborate with others to come up with original ideas, most people find the classroom a valuable place to bounce their ideas off of other people who are also studying and learning similarly. One difference between a DBA and a Ph.D. is the practical focus of the degree, rather than only an academic bent.

Florida Tech offers a doctor in business administration degree that will prepare you to be a thought leader contributing in valuable ways and building your career as a C-suite leader in your field. Learn more about our DBA program to see how it can help you with your career and leadership goals.


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