Bisk College of Business Student Team Wins First at Case Competition

Florida Tech students Chad Blasius, Joshua Braithwaite, Farran Barker and Matthew Bowden teamed to win the 2022 IACBE case competition.

The students and advisor Tim Muth, Bisk College of Business faculty member, traveled to Nashville for the October competition, which was held in conjunction with the IACBE South Region Conference. IACBE is an organization that accredites Business schools. The Bisk College of Business is IACBE accredited.

The case required students to develop recommendations to improve the experiential learning software platform for CapSource, a small educational technology company, and develop a pricing model to make it attractive to students and universities.

The students presented their case to a panel of industry and academic judges. They also shared an attractive brochure they developed, which Muth said impressed the judges. Also, the students wore matching red ties. The judges were impressed and said they look very professional, Muth said.

Another smart business move? They bought the ties at Goodwill for $1 each.

For their victory, each student won a paid internship with CapSource.

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