Online Business Manager in the Nathan M. Bisk College of Business is Committed to High Quality Student Service

Mr. Christopher Durie is the Manager of Online Business Programs for the Nathan M. Bisk College of Business. He holds both an MBA and MS degree from Florida Tech.  Mr. Durie has played an active part in developing a pedagogical model for online courses that is in use today*.  He is passionate about online education and is committed to serving the needs of online students many of whom are working professionals.

Mr. Durie plays a key role in the oversight of three integral components in online education:  course development, course delivery, and learning assessment.  He and his staff work closely with administration, academic chairs, instructors, and students with the overall objective of providing high quality education that meet the needs of a diverse group of students many of whom are working professionals.


Chris Durie & Jarin Eisenberg

Mr. Durie was asked about the “many hats” he wears as Manager of Online Business Programs in the Nathan M. Bisk College of Business.  He gave us these insights.

“As Manager of Online Business Programs, my main duty from an administrative standpoint is to provide oversight and quality control of all online business classes and degree programs. I manage highly-committed staff members — Jarin Eisenberg, Jen Morin, and Zach Gabe — who oversee the day-to-day operations of the program.  I also act as the liaison with other campus entities and our business partners at Bisk. I work with our faculty, deans, and the director of assessment when it comes to developing and implementing accreditation plans associated with online learning.”

Mr. Durie experienced first-hand a blended approach to learning about international business.

“Recently, I had the exciting opportunity to serve as the lead staff member on the 2011 Spain Study Abroad program made available to all business students.  Nine students in online business programs participated in the Study Abroad program along with 15 students from campus and offsite programs.  The culturally-rich learning experience was greatly enhanced with both international and working professional perspectives provided by the student participants.”

Mr. Durie continued, “The College of Business looks forward to offering the 2012 Spain Study Abroad program to undergraduate and graduate students in campus, offsite, and online business degree programs. I welcome the opportunity to be an active participant in this intensive, but fun learning environment.”

Mr. Durie provided his insights in education opportunities for working professionals via associate, bachelor, and graduate business degree programs offered by the College of Business.

“The College of Business online programs offer the flexibility that many working professionals need these days.  It can be a significant challenge to balance work and personal life; and then add to the mix an educational component.  For these individuals, taking classes in a structured environment situation — pre-specified days and times – may be impractical if not impossible.”

He stated, “The advantage of online education is the removal of potential barriers associated with structured, campus class schedules. Online students just need to make sure they get their work done each week, as specified in the course syllabus. Also, for those who have to travel, the online programs allow students to access their classes anywhere and anytime as long as they have a computer and an Internet connection.”

“The online approach has opened the door to college education that otherwise may not have been viable for many students. We are here to serve our students in taking advantage of this life-long opportunity.”


Chris Durie (front), Jen Morin & Zach Gabe

* Niebuhr R. E., and Durie, C. J. (2010). Online Course Delivery Approach: An Academic Oversight Model. ACHE South, Cocoa Beach, Florida, April 11-14.



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